Tui Na massage finds its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. This massage utilizes a variety of hand techniques to manipulate soft tissue, stimulating and balancing acupressure points and meridians.

Tui Na serves as both a restorative and a preventative treatment. The techniques used help increase athletic performance, immunity, strengthen bones and reduce fatigue. It also treats pain caused by injury, illness, strenuous exercise or aging. Conditions include soft tissue strains, injuries and hypertonicity, joint pain and stiffness, lumbar, knee and shoulder injuries, surgery rehabilitation, cervical spondylosis and hypertension.

Depending on your condition, your practitioner will utilize a combination of rigorous, relaxing massage and stretching techniques. This increases energy and blood flow to your body’s injured areas. Tailored specifically to treat your condition, the treatment incorporates breathing, range of motion, meridian stretches and acupressure.

25 Minutes ~ $60 ~ As an Add-on Service Only

(otherwise tui na is often integrated into blended acupuncture sessions)

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