Cupping practitioners place glass cups over specific acupuncture points or soft tissue areas of the skin by means of suction. Cupping stimulate the flow of energy and blood to damaged areas. The practices encourages tissues to release toxins. It activates the skin and lymphatic systems,  invigorating arteries, veins and capillaries.

Cupping may leave a round bruise-like mark. This mark is completely normal and typically clears within one week. The markings are not painful during or after the treatment.

20 minutes ~ $40 ~ Add-on Service Only (time permitting- inquire before booking)

Gua Sha stimulates circulation and moves stagnant blood. Typically, it treats pain and stiffness or is used when acupuncture is not applicable. The technique uses a dull tool to scrape the skin along acupuncture meridians. The scraping causes minor hemorrhaging just beneath the surface of the skin that may last two to three days.

20 minutes ~ $40 ~ Add-on Service Only (time permitting- inquire before booking)

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