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Meet Lynn. On paper, her titles include Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Massage Therapist. In person, she skillfully guides your state of health to the next level. Lynn respects and listens to the wholistic intelligence of the body and advocates the power of a conscious lifestyle. Her tool belt is stocked with traditional and modern techniques to resolve dis-ease. She is a supportive resource for identifying the cause of illness and educating clients to access power and vitality through engaging in their own healing process.

Acupuncture has been a popular remedy for many medical ailments including pain relief, stress-relief, and joint inflammation. If you’re looking for the best acupuncture in San Francisco, cost and conditions should be taken into account. With many options available to you, cost can vary anywhere from 75 to 300 dollars or more an hour, plus the cost of whatever herbal remedies may be necessary during treatment. Depending on your condition and how much care is needed, some clinics offer packages as well as occasional discounts. Be sure to do your research when it comes to cost so that you are getting the most cost effective rate possible while receiving quality care.

Heather G.

“I’ve been getting acupuncture for 18 years, and seeing Lynn for the last 5 of those years. Lynn is a gifted healer. She is a talented acupuncturist, but she also brings in healing from many modalities and influences. I always learn a lot from Lynn, she really tries to empower her patients to know how to support ourselves. She is constantly searching, learning, and integrating new wisdom into her treatment and support of the whole human. Lynn is more than just a doctor, she is part of my team!”

Mary V.

“Lynn is an incredibly talented and intuitive healer. She really takes a mind-body approach and is able to hone in on exactly what the body needs to regain balance. I really appreciate her thoughtful and caring approach. I’m a wellness professional myself and frequently refer my clients to her.”

Leslie S.

“I highly recommend Lynn for her relationship skills, holistic knowledge, blended modality style and exceptional effectiveness. Each aspect of my mind, body and spirit are honored in Lynn’s space. My visits with Lynn are more than healing; they are life-giving and nourishing. I feel like a family member, a loved one in whose overall wellness she is highly invested. I leave her office reset, retuned, recharged and ready to reengage in my full life.”

Jeff L.

“Going to see Lynn was my first experience with acupuncture. I was incredibly skeptical about whether it would be beneficial. I had a very specific cycling injury to work through so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, knee pain that had been bothering me terribly for months and keeping me from cycling all but vanished after two sessions and has not come back. Now, I am cycling again at full capacity. Wow!”

Edward P.

“When a doctor told me my leg injury would three to four months to recover, I was really upset and in pain. Lynn took the time to understand exactly what I was experiencing. She was very knowledgeable, patient and thorough. A combination of acupuncture, healing massage and topical herbs addressed my injured leg and even helped with other problematic areas. Lynn took time to explain everything she observed and recommended. My recovery was reduced to five weeks! I am so incredibly grateful to her.”