About Your Practitioner

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Energy Worker

I am an advocate for the WHOLE persons’ natural healing ability. In simple terms, the body strives to be healthy, yet often is conditioned otherwise and needs to be “nudged” toward balance. (Acupuncture does this!) I respect the holistic intelligence of the body system and advocate the power of intentional lifestyle choices. I am a resource for educating clients to access power and vitality through self awareness and inquiry (we are our best healers!).  When we drop in and experience our own balance, we can see our own destructive habits with clarity.  There is momentum in the path of supporting our healing process.  If you have been feeling stuck in a destructive pattern, let’s turn the tides.

I returned to San Francisco in March 2017 after a year sabbatical steeping in indigenous healing practices native to Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia.  I was fortunate to explore the belief systems and practices for resolving dis-ease, and get quiet enough to listen to the wisdom inherent to our natural life cycles and rhythms.  I am greatly humbled….and inspired to share these gifts with my patients and all explorers of our natural medicine.  Infinite blessings and gratitude to all who have guided me and supported me on this path.


  • California State Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
  • Massage Therapist specializing in Tui Na (Chinese Bodywork), A.C.T.C.M.
  • Graduate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, A.C.T.C.M.
  • Bachelors degree in Holistic Health & Traditional Chinese Healing, S.F. State
  • Associate Instructor, Universal Healing Tao founded by Grand Master Mantak Chia
  • Reiki I Certified

Acupuncture Internships

  • St. James Infirmary, San Francisco
  • California Pacific Medical Center Stroke Rehab Center, San Francisco
  • Haight-Ashbury Medical Clinic, San Francisco
  • Wu’s Healing Center, San Francisco (specializing in fertility treatments)

In 2001, I lived at a school in Shan Dong province of China for four months while in a teaching exchange. I taught English while immersing myself in the daily practice and study of Chinese medicine both in the school system and community, along with daily instruction in Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese philosophy, and Chinese language.